Alastair Macphie
The Lord-Lieutenant

Mr Alastair C. S. Macphie is the Lord-Lieutenant of Kincardineshire and was appointed by Her Majesty The Queen as her personal representative in the County of Kincardineshire.

The position of the Lord-Lieutenant is an honorary one and non-political. He organises official Royal visits to the county by any member of the Royal Family and ensures that the Royal Household is kept aware of local events and issues in Kincardineshire and in particular of any notable achievements by people in the county.

He liaises with local units of the Armed Services and Cadet Units and participates in many social and voluntary activities in the county.

The Lord-Lieutenant is responsible for recommending awards to those meriting such and to ensure that those who have been outstanding in service are invited to Her Majesty’s Garden Parties at Holyrood Palace each summer. He also represents Her Majesty at Citizenship Ceremonies and presents Decorations and Queens Awards to Industry, Scout and Guide Awards and those for voluntary Service. He will also attend 100th Birthday and Diamond Wedding celebrations on behalf of The Queen.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Kincardineshire


The vice Lord-Lieutenant and deputy Lieutenants for Kincardineshire

The Lord-Lieutenant of Kincardineshire is assisted in his role by a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and a number of Deputy Lieutenants. They also provide local knowledge to the Lord-Lieutenant for their own community areas.

Vice Lord-Lieutenant:

Dr Andrew Orr, DL - St. Cyrus

Deputy Lieutenants:

The Viscount of Arbuthnott, DL - Arbuthnott

Mrs Fiona Burnett of Leys, DL - Banchory

Mrs Victoria d’Anyers Willis, DL - Fettercairn

Mrs Jennifer Macdonald, DL - Stonehaven

Mr Henry Irvine-Fortescue, DL - Maryculter

Mrs G. Claire Maitland, DL - Banchory

Dr Ewan Clarke, DL - Portlethen

Mr Gordon Ritchie, DL - Catterline

Clerk to the Lieutenancy:

Mr Gordon Ritchie - Stonehaven

Birthdays and anniversaries

Her Majesty The Queen will send a congratulatory message on the following occasions and these can be presented by the Lord-Lieutenant or one of the Deputy Lieutenants if the celebrant would wish a visit.

Wedding Anniversaries – The Queen sends messages for Diamond (60th), 65th and Platinum (70th) wedding anniversaries and then every year thereafter.

Birthdays – The Queen sends messages for 100th and 105th birthdays and then every year thereafter.

How to Apply for Congratulatory Message – You may contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy Mr Gordon Ritchie in Stonehaven if you wish the Lord-Lieutenant to be aware of the celebration and would wish a visit. Copies of Marriage Certificates will be required.

Honours and awards

The Honours system recognises people who have given exceptional service to their community and the country and who have made a real difference to the life of the country. Honours Lists are published each year at New Year and in June on The Queen’s official birthday.

Anyone can receive an award and anyone can nominate another for an honour. Further information on how to do so can be found on the Royal Website

The Lieutenancy are happy to assist with nominations for people within their county. If you wish to do so please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.

The role of Lord-Lieutenants

Their main duty is to uphold the dignity of the Crown. In doing so they will organise official Royal visits to their county by any member of the Royal Family and will escort the Royal visitors in their area.

They will ensure that the royal household is kept aware of local events and issues and particularly of any noteable achievements by people in their county.

They will liaise with local units of the Armed Services and Cadet Units, they will participate in many social and voluntary activities in their county.

Lord-Lieutenants are responsible for recommending awards to those meriting such and to ensure those who have been outstanding in service are invited to Her Majesty's Garden parties at Holyrood Palace

Lord-Lieutenants represent Her Majesty at Citizenship Ceremonies. They will also present decorations, awards to industry, Scout and Guide awards and those for Voluntary Service

About Kincardineshire

KINCARDINESHIRE - usually called the MEARNS, - is a historic county on the coast of north-east Scotland with Aberdeenshire to the north and west, Angus on the south and the North Sea to the east. It is also known as the Mearns , from Scottish Gaelic A Mhaoirne meaning "the Stewartry".

Roughly triangular in shape, Kincardineshire has an area of 380 square miles or nearly 25,000 acres.The county is divided locally into four districts, - Grampian, Deeside, The Howe of the Mearns, and Coastside. The principal settlements are Stonehaven,the county town on the east coast, Inverbervie and Laurencekirk to the south and Banchory on the northern border and situated on Royal Deeside. Other settlements include Drumoak, Muchalls, Newtonhill and Portlethen.Amongst the rivers are the Carron,the Cowie and the lower reaches of the River Dee.

The county's coat of arms reflects the history of the Honours of Scotland, which were kept at Dunnottar Castle during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. They comprise the Sceptre and Sword of Scotland crosswise in a saltire, with the Crown of Scotland and a ruined castle.

The motto is Laus Deo or Praise God.